Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

A New Candidate for Lady Eleanor's Shawl?

Dear Scarf Stylin' Shimmery Shim Shim Shimmies:

I started Dead Leaves in the Backyard on my flight out to visit my mom in California. I'm using Peruvian Tweed in Color #113 (you can't see in any picture online but there's a lot of dark brown and light blue in it and it is soooooooft). Since it was a 5.5 hour adventure I thought that sitting still for so long with a tray in front of me was the perfect time to take a crack at this hard pattern. I had to frog four times, but I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I am on row 11 and do not yet see a pattern but hope to eventually. Perhaps I'll make some major headway on the way back? I've printed 22 copies of the chart so that I can highlight my way through each row.

This trip for me has been all about relaxing and to relax I knit and shop for yarn. It's true, I have been to every LYS* I have possibly been able to visit, with more coming.

Since I've been missing my own personal favorite LYS I cruised to their website. Upon thinking about it, I have decided that Colinette yarns might make a fabulous Lady Eleanor Shawl of Wonders. Since each skein is hand painted and the colorways are so unique and marvelous I thought that maybe they would shift and turn marvelously, similar to how we've seen Noro yarns knit up in this pattern.

Take a look at some of the colorways. Graffiti seems like it would be really cool, as does Shimmer Five.

Now, since I have spent my yarn budget for the next few months out here in California, I cannot rush out and test this theory until perhaps November. So I implore anyone thinking about this pattern who wants to drop $100 on five skeins of yarn to knit it up and show me what you've got.

It's a thought.

Jersey City, NJ (Currently Castro Valley, CA)
Totally Knitting

*Local Yarn Shoppe


Monday, March 28, 2005

ANOTHER Finished Misty

Here it is:

More and bigger pictures right here.

Meanwhile I'm once again making progress on the oft-abandoned Ruffles...

Responding to Comments:

After my last post with the picture of Misty doing a weird Ikat striping thing, Lisa B said she like the way the color was laying out. Don't you know the very next time I picked it up to work on it the striping went all random again?

Katya asked "Is that the yarn that the pattern calls for or something different?"

The answer to that question is no... and yes. The pattern calls for Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair Infusion in color #617. I used Queensland Collection Soft Moahir in color #617. So it's really a "different yarn" but they are identical, even down to the color numbers.

I am now being tempted by the Midwest Moonlight... maybe in Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere??

Anne from the high plains of Colorado

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Finished Misty?

Just because I *have* 500 yards of Brooks Farm Mohair, it doesn't mean I have to use it all. Posted by Hello

Still Chugging Along

I had to put Backyard Leaves on hold for a while but I'm back to working on the second half again. I bought a magnetic board to help me keep track of the chart. It's great. I did most of this just tonight.


Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finished Ruffles

Here are a couple of shots of my finished Ruffles. I knit it as a birthday gift for a friend, and she loved it. The yarn is Classic Elite Sierra, which worked up really nice. It was a very easy knit once I got the short rows down, so I would definitely make it again.

Question - has anyone attempted the "Blue Collar" capelet in a yarn other than the Berocco Glace called for in the pattern? I'd love to use something I already have in my stash. Any thoughts?


It's a What?

it's a Turtleneck Shrug!

Hello fellow ScarfStylers! My name is Tami and I've already completed a few scarves from my new favorite knitting pattern book. My latest is Teva's Turtleneck Shrug. I used Knit Picks Merino, color Hollyberry. I'm still working up the courage to wear it in public. I'm hoping we will all knit one and they will become the next big trend. I have pictures of my Ruffle scarf and Lady Eleanor on my blog if you want to see. I've gotten so much inspiration from this blog!


Misty Garden

I finally started my first project from this boo, Misty Garden by Jo Sharp:

Misty Garden

I am using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Here is the continuing progress on my Color on Color. I highly recommend this pattern, it is so much fun to knit! Posted by Hello

Such slow going

I Just wanted to post a pic of the progress i've made on my entrelac stole, so far.  I have to admit that i've been side-tracked by that darn clapotis...that's the culprit, right next to lady eleanor.  see!  she can't even let the darn entrelac stole have some attention without butting ing!!!  Anyway, Lady Eleanor has been calling, so she'll be given some attention this weekend. 
Image hosted by

Ruffled capelet without sleeves plus a knitted rose Posted by Hello


Ruffled capelet

I've finished my capelet and as planned didn't use all the yarn it called for although I made one of the little roses to pin on it. The rose is very boring to knit but turns to be fascinating when you start binding off: it just curls up into a rose and there's hardly anything else to do it to make it look like a flower. It's definitely something I'll do again and very good project when you need to make a present and run out of time and idea.


Interlocking Balloons is complete!

I finally finished interlocking balloons. I just love the knitpicks elegance drapes so beautifully. I really like this pattern, and I am sure to do some of these for Christmas gifts...but I am being a selfish knitter and keeping this one for myself!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Which scarf to do next...


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Unexpected Ikat!

I have been ignoring my Scarf Style projects - (hanging head in shame).

I have been obsessed first by the Wool Peddler's Shawl, then by the twin demons of the Fir Cone Square and the Iditarod.

But now that they are all complete, I'm back on track and I got back to knitting Misty Garden. Can you tell where I changed skeins?

Isn't that interesting how the green stripe is lining up almost perfectly along the center of the scarf? And the edges are coming out almost perfectly even in the darker rose color? I could not have done this so well if I had tried.

Since it is the middle of three skeins to be used, and I'm assuming the third skein will go back to the same randomness the first had so I will have some symmetry (not that symmetry is always important...) I'm going to leave it as is.

Anne on the high plains of Colorado

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Apologies To Teva

Ok. So - I thought I might kick up Teva's shrug. You know - be unique, kicky, different. I thought - Stripes. Yeah - thats the answer. It will match everything in my closet. I will be too cool.

Or not. It should be noted that I was out of my mind to even think that I could improve upon the magnificent Teva D's creation. And I paid for it - in shame. Look upon (if ya dare) what is now to be called - The Snake Warmer.

Please note that I do not actually have sausage links on the end of my hand as this picture would suggest. Nor did a really ugly autumn'y colored snake swallow my hand.

Forgive me Ms Durham. It won't happen again!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Scarf Style Knit-Along

Scarf Style Knit-Along

Wow, that is just beautiful! Awesome job!

This is the Here and There cable scarf done in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It's yummy yarn and the cable is easy although the pattern uses up alot of yarn. I bought 8 skeins to complete the scarf. Posted by Hello


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Starting Flower Trellis Scarf

I got my book a few weeks ago and found this knitalong soon after. There are lots of projects here that I want to knit, but first up: the Flower Trellis Scarf. I started last night late, and am already close to being finished on the trellis. This one should finish up soon! I'm using the exact yarn called for in the pattern:

Crystal Palace cotton chenille

I don't often knit with chenille, but this stuff is really yummy. Can't wait to finish, and I'm glad to join you all in the fun.


Ruffled capelet without sleeves

I've started and done the body of the capelet and have the ruffles left to do.

Image hosted by

I'm using Bouton d'or Dandy whose tension is slightly tighter than the recommended one, 15/21 instead of 14/23, and consequently had to make a few changes to the pattern:

-I've decreased one sticth less for each group of BO stitches for the shoulders
-I've done 8cm instead of the recommended 14 for the collar as I thought 14cm was way too long and made me feel like I had a little sausage round my neck
-I've seamed the shoulders using matress stitch for a neat finish

Although my capelet is tighter because of the yarn I've used, I wonder how big the original model is and how many people it fits, as mine fits me perfectly and I usually wear XS tops.

I've bought 6 balls of Dandy, whose yardage is very close to the recommended yarn, and have 3 left before starting the ruflles. I wonder if I'll use it up but my guess is that I will have some left.


Vintage Velvet Begins.....

I have started my Vintage Velvet in Muench Touch Me, Toast colour, and it is HEAVENLY*
I am up to 2 balls so far and my gauge has changed a little from one ball to the next. There are a few loose stitches but I am hoping they will come out in the 'felting' wash.
While I can see that spending this much on a yarn can be off putting I HIGHLY reccommend that you save up. There REALLY is no substitute for this sexy loungey feel.
It is long enough to go round my neck now and feels FABULOUS so if you are mmmmming and aaaaaahhing about whether or not to use 'Touch Me' make sure you say YES and go for it*
It is a knitting experience like no other.... Please excuse the odd colour and bad quality of these photos, camera phone. I can't believe the long shot looks Blue instead of a yum Mushroom Brown.... I have posted the photos on my other blog KittyBaroque on the entry 20th March 2005 instead of here as I can't seem to get the pics to upload*


Saturday, March 19, 2005

I am finally working on the Ruffles pattern! I am making it out of lion brand microspun, which seems to work out really well for this pattern. I plan to make the scarf long as in the book, so I have a looong way to go.  Posted by Hello


Thursday, March 17, 2005


I have finally succumbed to the temptation of Scarf Style. I've had the book since Christmas and cast on today for Midwest Moonlight. Very simple pattern. I'm in the second repeat now, 22 more to go! I'd ordered some of the KnitPicks yarns to try out so am knitting it with Merino Style (in Fog). So far, I'm a happy knitter!

Scarf Style Knit-Along: September 2004

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

what what what?

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I'm really happy to have found this board.

I've made about four Misty Gardens for the holidays, and I love that- feather and fan is terrific. Great results for such a simple pattern. Naturally, I gave them all away before taking a picture of them.

I'm trying to make a Here and There Cables scarf for myself, using alpaca. And. Um. Well, it has been a long time since I've cabled, but I'm pretty sure I remember how. But it looks funny. I've ripped it out about three times and I'm about to start the fourth attempt. I don't know. It looks funny and odd and off and neat, but not like the picture. Did anyone else who made this have doubts in the beginning- say, the first 25 rows or so?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Flower Trellis Scarf

Dear Stylin' Scarf Makers of All Fiber Art Forms:

You may recall me from such posts as "I made ruffles just like every other girl in the universe" and "Has anyone else started the hardest intarsia project in the history of ever."

As some of you may know, it is the position of the Totally Knitting Universe that crochet is an Inferior Fiber Art (TM). It's true. Try to deny it.

This came about due to an unfortunate trip to AC Moore, which I will recount briefly for you at the present time.

Brian, the Boy Knitter of the Knitlist, Creator of Mandarin Moonlight and my best knitting pal/blogging partner and I went to our favorite AC Moore to check out their deals. When we first began knitting in earnest, we paid little attention to crochet, except to dismiss it in pattern books as items we would not complete because we didn't care to learn how. We hadn't passed any judgments. Our minds were open and blank as to what other people chose to do with their hands/idle time/yarn.

It was at this moment when we passed the craft table and a woman displaying her many wares was seated and eyeing us suspiciously. A group of other ladies stood off to the side. Brian and I "oohed" and "ahhed" at her creations, noting that they were crocheted but didn't mention it. We offered her the traditional kudos for a job well done and moved on to explore the next aisle.

These women apparently pegged us as knitters right away because they began talking loudly about how much they hated knitting. About how they just couldn't stand those needles clacking together. BLECH. They went on and on and Brian and I just looked at each other. It wasn't until we left that we were able to discuss it openly, and it was then and there that our position regarding crochet as "just flat knots" and "unable to make anything pretty" was born.

We have carried this prejudice with us for almost two months. However, surfing through Scarf Style and noting that many pretty things have been made using the fiber art of crochet, I decided to make an exception for only those projects. We were able to secure two seats via a two month long waitlist for a class at our favorite LYS*. Kevin, the Man Crocheter of Flying Fingers, is a crocheter and offers a class free of charge, provided you purchase supplies from their shoppe. A complete deal, if you ask me.

I went into the class after taking the Yarn Bus hoping to learn to read a crochet pattern so that I could begin my Flower Trellis Scarf from Scarf Style. With Kevin's help I have completed one third of the project. Not bad for five hours in a yarn store. I'm finding crochet not as fun as knitting but a pretty good instant gratification, and will continue to use crochet to enhance and improve knitted projects. As the Flower Trellis contains knitted flowers, this project falls under that ambit.

The pattern calls for a crocheted trellis, and with basic skills the trellis flows right from the hook. Here you can see the relative length of the scarf (it is crocheted lengthwise) modeled against the Official SpokesCat of the Totally Knitting Universe, Lily. Lily is completely attracted to the fiber I have used on this project.

I have chosen to work entirely in Alpaca, as it is "In like a Lion, out like an Alpaca" month at our LYS (this includes online sales, by the way). The trellis is in Tahki Yarns "Kerry" in color 5009, a worsted weight 50% Wool/Alpaca blend. I also have Kerry in Pink for some of the knitted roses and picked out a Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight in pink and a sportweight white with little sparkles (Alpine Meadows yarn in "Winter Wonderland") to provide smaller accent flowers using the same pattern proposed in the book but on smaller needles.

It is my hope to finish the project soon so that Macy, the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe, can feel all the more Parisian.

As some of you may remember, she has recently had her ovaries removed and is sort of sullen about the whole thing.

Hope this wasn't too image-intensive,

Jersey City, NJ
Totally Knitting
Bevin & Brian in The New Yorker

**Local Yarn Shoppe

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

Not that I would be caught dead wearing a poncho, but look what's coming out in September!

Blue collar still on hold - now it's the Turtleneck Shrug.

I've put Blue Collar down for several months - I got bored. I'll pick it up again soon though -it was knitting up nicely and the short rows were easy.

I've been working on the Turtleneck Shrug instead. I finished the first stleeve and am about this far on the 2nd sleeve. I'm knitting it in Knit Pick's Andean Silk - color Lettuce. It's going to be nice. Can you tell I like the color green?

A little bit ago somebody wanted to see what the back of entrelac looked like. Here is the back of my Eleanor. It is not done in the ever popular Noro, but it still shows the "seams". I really like the backside of this work. Still working on it though, not quite finished! Posted by Hello


I can't seem to comment on your scarf in the comment area. I really love the colour! I have yet to make anything out of the bamboo yarn and maybe a scarf it the item to try it on. I am worried about the addition to sleeves to this pattern...very worried!:)

Backyard leaves is complete! Here it is blocked and ready to wear, in a lovely shade of chocolate brown. A beautiful Birthday gift for my SIL. I must take a moment to say how much I love the Scarfstyle book. It is really expanding my knitting knowledge. I am challenged by the designs and I am learning new techniques. Thank you all for your help with charting...I feel I am a master at charting now!


Saturday, March 12, 2005

California Sunshine (aka Midwest Moonlight)

And here's the 6th thing I've ever knitted! I'm calling mine California Sunshine because it's made in a very happy and sunny tangerine. The yarn is lion's brand microspun. It's really soft, and drapes really nicely after blocking. I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it this summer during those chilly night games in Pac Bell Park rooting for the Men in Orange and Black (Go Giants!)

And here's a close-up:

Furry Ruffle

Yet another ruffle. I've only been knitting for a few months, and this is the 4th thing I've made. I used Berroco Furz because I wanted something warm for business trips back east. It's rather short because I ran out of Furz (and patience :). I still like it a lot. It's warm and very very soft.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Ene's Scarf - revisited

This message is calling out to the Fearless Knitter and anybody else that may be working on this pattern. I purchased the KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud for this project. The pattern calls for a size 6 needle and the yarn has no stated gauge on it. I tried a swatch on the 6's and it was very lacy, as in, lots of holes. I could go down in needle size and I could also use two strands of yarn. I have never used lace weight yarn before and I am trying to see what other people are doing with this. Help!! - Lisa

Here is my interlocking balloons's a challenging pattern only because of the long pattern repeat. It's hard to put down in the middle of the pattern. I love the knit picks elegance yarn...they have wonderful colours, it is very soft and has great stitch definition. Working on the second half to backyard leaves, moving very quickly! I blocked the first half and it is fabulous in brown.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mandarin Moonlight

Hello Stylish Scarf Knitters!

I have very much enjoyed watching all of your progress on the various Scarves of Style you've been working on, even those of you who have been knitting sleeves. I have finally gotten around to beginning my first Scarf Style Project and I present for you now this lovely progress photo.

Many of you may recognize this as a scarf modeled on the pattern entitled Midwest Moonlight. My scarf is called Mandarin Moonlight because it is being knit from Southwest Trading Company's Bamboo in firey red. This yarn is actually made from bamboo, which as you know is native to China and a healthy snack for pandas. Also the Chinese are totally red communists. The name change seems inevitable when these facts are considered. I'm sure you all agree.

The bamboo fabric has an incredible drape and a great deal of stitch definition. It is a little brittle though and I had to learn not to knit to tightly with it or the yarn would snap. It has an interesting hand which is difficult to describe. I will make it available for fondling to any of you who wish to visit me in New Jersey.

Also in the photo you will see that my Mandarin Moonlight is totally being modeled by Macy, the Official Spokesdog of the Totally Knitting Universe*. See how happy she was yesterday when that photo was taken? Today she is having her ovaries out. The wheel is always turning, my friends. Always turning.

So far I have been following the pattern as written, but I am thinking of adding sleeves to my Mandarin Moonlight when I get a little farther along. I will post any alterations I make to the pattern in pursuit of adding sleeves to the knitalong blog.




Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Good Evening! Thank you for inviting me to join! This is my first ever post on a blog! I purchased the Scarf Style book while on vacation two weeks ago. My husband and I were window shopping and came by a knitting/fibers store and they had a display of the "Ruffles" scarf in the window. I fell in LOVE!! I just knew I had to make one!! I have just learned to knit so I wasn't sure if I could make one but the pattren isn't that hard!! It's really a easy knit! The yarn I'm using is Colinette Skye in the colorway Jamboree. I'm using #7 needles and haven't changed anything in the pattren (knit as stated in book). I have been working on "Ruffles" for three days now and I have about 24 inches done!!
Will post update soon!
Thank you!

Posted by Hello

Narrow version of Lady Eleanor

I think somebody asked how to adapt Lady Eleanor pattern into more narrow scarf. I have put together a few suggestions how to achieve that which should work - see here:


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lady Eleanor anyone?

So, I got home from Yarn Yoga Friday & decided that I had had enough of Ruffles for a while. So, I'm done with that particular scarf. Too many other projects that I just HAVE TO make. I made a list of them today & it's in the double digits, with most of them already started in some way.

Anyway, Saturday turned out to be fortuitous. In the mail was none other than my uber fabulous Silk Garden order from!!!!! =)

So, you know what that means...LADY ELEANOR can be started!!!!!!! I was very excited over the prospect. Anyway, I CO Saturday evening, then re-cast on...then re-cast again...Apparently I wasn't grasping the whole Entrelac process. So, i put it down for the night...Sunday morning, i decided that I would start helped, i guess...i only had to rip out 2 or 3 more times before i finally GOT how it all worked. So, this is my progress after working on it on & off Sunday. I'm a bit farther now, but no new pictures. I can tell you I'm LOVING it, though! I love the color & Entrelac is growing on me. I'm already planning to make one for a Christmas present.

Happy Knitting!!!


Vintage Velvet Scarf

This is my completed Vintage Velvet scarf. I knit it using almost 5 balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk on size 8 needles. Love it! It's getting wrapped and packed away though which is almost sad. It will be a lovely Christmas present for a family member much later this year.

- Liz


Teva's Turtleneck Shrug

First of all, I want to tell all of your Scarf Stylers that you are doing an awesome job. Everytime I check in here I expand the list of scarves I want to knit from this book. Lady Eleanor. Backyard Leaves. Forbes Forest. Wow.

I have my first finished object to contribute: Teva Durham's Turtleneck Shrug.

Shrug in full effect

I knit it with three skeins of Cascade 220 in color #9339, which is blue with flecks of green. It is the perfect San Francisco accessory, as it provides a little extra warmth on breezy days without being too hot. Like Karen said earlier, it really extends your t-shirt wardrobe. Despite the skepticism I heard while making it, I have received several compliments. I also want to say that Teva is a great designer. I made another of her patterns, the Leaf Cravat, and was amazed by how the design worked out. I can't wait for her book to come out later this spring.

Knit on,

Nicole/Big Sister


Monday, March 07, 2005

Started back yard leaves, this chart is also easy...but I still have to watch it as I go. I hope the second half goes as quickly as this first half!


Finished Forbes Forest! I love this pattern and will definitely do another. This was my first chart and after the first ball I finally got it! You can just read the fabric as you need to watch the chart. Now for the blocking!


Scarf Style Knit-Along

Scarf Style Knit-Along

Hello, this is my first post. Love seeing everyone's work!

I have finished Ruffles and Midwest Moonlight (though I did mine in a tangerine color so will call it California Sunshine :). Will post pictures soon!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ruffles still alive


Like many other knitters, i'm very happy knitting ruffles, but it takes time!! I only knit it while taking the metro to work on the morning. I'm used to it, and perhaps not so rushed to finish it : it is so easy to knit, the result is so magic!!

have fun,
Sophie (Paris)


Here are sections 1-9 on my Color on Color. I am using the Paternayan yarn the pattern calls for on size 6 needles. This project is a lot of fun because it is so completely different than anything I have ever worked on! Posted by Hello

Both Backyard Leaves finished!

I've finished my second Backyard Leaves scarf, and I'm very happy with how this one turned out, too. I still needed to glance at the chart once in a while, but I found that after making a total of 60 repeats between the two scarves, I could almost knit without it. Here's a picture of the two scarves, side by side:

The first one is antique rose, and the second one is raspberry. I think these scarves look great in non-green!

What's next? I really, really love the way Lady Eleanor looks knit up in Noro. Amelie's and verlit's are particularly gorgeous. The only thing is that I have no use for a shawl... Has anyone modified the Lady Eleanor pattern for a scarf, let's say no wider than 10 inches?

my blog
my knitting webpage


Ruffle finished

Image hosted by

Not my idea to use the Noro yarn (can't take credit of another Scarf Style KAL'er) But I'm really happy with the result. It took most of 3 balls and did soften some after washing. This is a birthday gift for my aunt and I know she'll really like it :-)


Lady Eleanor finished!

There it is - finished and blocked. I used the same colorway as Cristina and I am sooo pleased with the result. I had a difficult time with making fringe on my first Lady Eleanor. Since I made that one from much finer yarn I decided to crochet the fringe and it looked fine.
With Noro I thought the result might not be so nice and at the same time with these bright, "strong" colors the fringe from single yarn strand made in the same way as it is in the book looked a bit...thin.
So I changed it completely and instead of romantic Lady Eleanor fringe I added kind of funny "joker" fringe instead. What do you think?

Here is the detail of the fringe: