Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I wanted to thank you for allowing me to join your knit along. The Scarf Style book was the first book I purchased for a scarf pattern. Like most knitters I had made my share of scarves. Unlike most I did this in the Circus where I learned to knit. Knitting in the Circus is a bit different. My first scarf was thirty feet long. Most of my scarves have ranged from twenty to one hundred and fourty feet long to be used as circus props.

Well as the winter approaches I have reason to turn out a few more normal sized scarves. By the way to the left is what a ninty foot scarf looks like when it is rolled up. I think I have knit six or seven scarves from the book. They were all presents and I did not think to take pictures of them. Well I am sure I will crank out a few more. Which is one of the nice things about the scarf style book, they are not the trendy sort of things you see from time to time in Vogue knitting. Style of the moment is nice for moment. Something that will be in style for a long time is even better.

Thank you for letting me ramble on. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Ene's scarf

This is my second Ene's. This time I used Schaefer Anne, 1 skein plus about 90 yards of a second skein (yeah - enough left over for a pair of socks!) Size 6 Addi Turbos, and Bryspun straights near the end. It is a gift for my mother-in-law - I hope she likes it!

misty garden too

This is my first post on this blog. I have just completed the Misty Garden, using Artseno Alpaca Opulenica in Amethyst. This is being sent to my ISE3 pal, I really like the look of this scarf and can see myself making another for me.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Backyard Leaves Question!/here and there question

Okay, I have my copies of Backyard Leaves for toting around instead of the book...fits much better in purse this way. Now then, I know I read the pattern r-l, l-r, etc. And I know that the first row is a ws row. Is all of this correct. I'd really like to know BEFORE I try to work on it and screw the proverbial pooch.

Okay, my other question relates to my here and there scarf. Seems to me that it's a little dense. I am using wool-ease and sz 7 needles. I think I have almost 36 inches of it finished, tho I haven't measured it except to hold it against my arm...maybe that was a bad So is it supposed to be dense, or will that work itself out when I block it later, or what? Help!


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Misty Garden

Hi All - I finished up a Misty Garden. I used 3 skeins of Di.Ve Mohair Kiss. It was a great pattern - my first chevron project. A simple pattern with dramatic results. How about working with Mohair, though? What a pain! The woman at the yarn store braced me for the challenges, so I was prepared, but that stuff is nasty! Take your time and don't screw up is what the yarn lady had to say.


New member from Gemany

Just wanted to introduce myself: My name is Tina, I am 37, live together with boyfriend (for over 17 years) and 3 dogs in a town in southern Germany, about an hour away from the French border. I knit for about 20 years now, sometimes more sometimes less. Right now I am very busy with non knitting stuff and my WIPs only grow very slowly.
Last summer I got myself Scarf Style as a reward to a passed exam and I nearly love every single scarf in that book!
Looking foreward to knitting them one after the other! Just have to finish a fishermen's scarf in the softest Alpaca I ever touched for my boyfriend's birthday!
My blog is at

New to the group!

Hi, everyone! My name is Melody and I'm thrilled to be joining your group. I actually stumbled across this blog when another blogger left a comment on my blog. I started reading posts and looking at pictures and decided that I just had to join. I was actually going to check out the Scarf Style book from my local library, as I had seen it on the shelf, after seeing the Backyard Leaves scarves, but my need for permanence took over as I was driving by Barnes and Noble on my way to the Library, and I ended up buying it instead. I ended up going back to Barnes and Noble the next day, and picking up Wrap Style, too. I don't know how many of the patterns out of Wrap Style I will use, but what the
I actually tried starting Backyard Leaves, but got in over my head before I even got past the set up row. Reading other entries told me that the set up row was a wrong side row, but then I couldn't figure out how to read the pattern. Another entry let me know that the reading of the chart went r-l, l-r, etc. Okay...those two hang ups figured out, I was ready to I thought. I have to take my book to Office Depot and make some copies of my chart to go off of, since the book won't stay open without the help of my remote control. Plus, maybe with a copy of the chart, I figure that I might actually be able to stay on track of where I am in the pattern a little easier...very important since I have never worked off of a chart before. In the meantime, I decided to try the here and there cables scarf. Oldest dd loved it immediately, and I knew that in the right color, it would be perfect for my friend in Georgia. I got 3 balls of wool-ease in Loden, at JoAnns and got started. Since I didn't have a cable needle, I used a dpn in the same size as my needles and got to work. Well, I bought a cable needle, but I can't stand it...for one thing, it's aluminum, and I just don't like the aluminum, and I guess that I'm used to the dpn, because working with the cable needle just felt weird. So I am using a sz 7 dpn and moving along nicely.
Once this one is finished, I'm going to start on another one for my MIL, in a red or burgandy color, and then if I still have time, one for my oldest dd in a medium gray color. Then, when those gifts are done, I will work on MY backyard leaves scarf, though I think that I am going to have to re-evaluate my choice of yarn for it, as I bought Lion wool in Autumn Sunset orginally, but as it's an obre/variegated/whatever multi-colored yarn, I don't think it would look right...the color changes are too drastic. If the colors were more "blended" I think it'd look great, but they aren't, so I'll just use the yarn for something else, instead.
A little about me before I go: I'm 37, married with 3 kids (Liz 16, Mimi 7 and Bubba 6), two dogs (Daisy-a lzy rat terrier and Jack-a stinky toy poodle). I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and I taught myself to knit a little over 2 years ago... I knit my first pair of socks about a year ago, self-taught, and using the magic loop method. I fell in love with socks and have a decent little stash of sock yarn just waiting for my attention, but right now, it's time for scarves and shrugs. I hope that you all will come visit my blog Knitting Okie - and let me know you stopped by!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Finished Twisty Turns!

I finished my Twisty Turns Wrap! This is from Wrap Style, and was designed by Norah Gaughan. I used Knit Pick's Andean Silk in Pitch, and knit the second size. I think I could have done the smallest size and been happy, but I was afraid of it being too snug. Overall, I love it! It will stay in my office to keep me warm this winter!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wandring Aran Fields Capelet

Pattern: Wandering Aran Fields from Wrap Style
Designer: Norah Gaughan (all hail Norah!)
Yarn: 4 1/2 balls Plymouth Galway in Rose (#19)
Needle: exactly what the pattern says, ditto our friend Gauge
Notes: Maybe there's a bit about gauge for ribbing in there, but I'm sure I glossed over it, and I paid for it in the end. See, I should have been just 30-ish yards short of the total yarn required, yet I was 6 inches from finishing the collar when I ran out of yarn. Mild panicking ensued, as I purchased the yarn one week less than a year ago (hey, do I get some sort of prize for that?) so there's no chance I'd get the same dyelot. However, Depth of Field* had the color in stock, bless its yarn-stuffed soul. I was possibly looking at a) having to pay $10 for a measly ball of yarn due to shipping, and b) never finishing the darn thing because waiting for another ball to arrive would take the wind out of my sails.

The dyelots do not match, and you can tell, but do I care? No, sirs, I don't.

Yes, it still needs to be blocked. I finished it 15 minutes before my deadline (that is, I really wanted to wear it somewhere), and, thus, blocking will have to wait until I can bear to take it off.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Another Backyard Leaves

There seems to be a lot of these lately! Here's mine, using Rowan Cashsoft Aran, about 3 1/2 balls. I decided not to block it after a vote of friends and family who liked the 3-D effect of the leaves. I loved loved LOVED working with this yarn!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Falling, Backyard Leaves... One of those leaves scarves!

Hello! I finished my Backyard Leaves!

A few notes: Blocking makes a world of difference! When you knit this scarf, it's just going to look weird, until you block it. I actually think it could use a bit more blocking, too. It has a tendency to roll up on itself. Also, it's pretty dang long. You might not want to do all 11 repeats on both sides unless you like really long scarves.

More details at this here blog: ChefMessy


Blocking Backyard Leaves

I've finally finished knitting Backyard Leaves-- I had to stop in my first trimester of pregnancy because it was making me nauseated, and I wasn't able to return to it until the baby was 3 months old! But it's beautiful, in a lovely blue.

My question for those of you who have made this is whether you chose to block the sides of the scarf straight or wavy. I think I've seen both done, and wondered what people think. I can't tell at all from the photos in the book which way they did it (very uniformative photos!).




Twisty Turns

Another newbie! Currently I'm knitting Twisty Turns from Wrap Style. I'm using Knit Picks Andean Silk in Pitch (black). I'd post a picture, but it's just a long black skinny rope right now. I started last Thursday at the beginning of a road trip (got home Sunday) and as of last night I had about 84" done, give or take. I can't decide exactly what size I'm knitting, and since the only difference is the length, I'll check the fit in another 20" or so. I'll post pictures soon.

I also have yarn standing by for Almost Argyle from Wrap Style, and Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Progress update!

Sunday was just gorgeous....75, sunny, vibrant, the leaves at their peak here in Northeast Ohio (I live between Cleveland and Akron). So Eleanor and I spent the afternoon outside. This is her after seven skeins (she looks much longer than she is, as if she drapes over the back of the chair, but she doesn' needles are at the top of the chair :)) I'm guessing 3 more skeins of Patons SWS should do before the fringe is added.

I actually had some major trauma though, and ended up frogging well over a skein worth of yarn out and having to redo it. It was not fun. The memory hurts too much to blog about again, so if you want, you can read the details on my actual blog, Tales of a Yarn Addict.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Here and There Cables

Hi! I'm new to knitting, and I am doing this pattern. From the look of the book and other posts, the cables go everywhere, but with my yarn, they only show up on row 7 in the exact spots the cables should be knitted. Otherwise, the rest of the rows are knit 3, purl 3 and they show that very distinctly. Can anyone give me any help at all? I must be reading the directions incorrectly. Thanks so much!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Newbie, Here and There Cables

Hi everyone,
Though I'm a newbie to the KAL I'm not a newbie to the lovely scarves and projects in Scarf Style. I don't think there is a project in there that I don't want to make several times. LOL. Anyway, I recently started a Here and There Cable scarf out of a Wedgewood blue worsted weight yarn. When I picked the yarn out of my stash I wasn't sure how it was going to work out, but I'm really liking it so far. I can't wait to finish it and start wearing it.

I have watched this knit a long for quiet awhile and finially decided that I wanted to join in all the fun. There have been some fantastic knitting done by the people in this group, and I hope to learn from all of you.

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Campus Scarf... and Hat

It's about time!

Pattern: Campus Scarf & Hat
Book: Scarf Style
Yarn Brand:
Knit Picks
Yarn Name: Wool of the Andes
Yarn Colorway: Cranberry, Wheat, Black and Natural
Yarn Content: 100% Wool
Amount of yarn used: 3 skeins (1 ball = 110 yards) Cranberry & Wheat, 1 skein Black and Natural
Needle: Size 8 US (Denise)
Gauge: 5 stitches per inch
Dimensions: Scarf approximately 7" wide , 80" long, hat approximately 20" circumference (it stretches)
Project Duration: 08/16/2006 - 10/6/2006
Project Notes: About the only thing I kept the same was the stitch pattern. The pattern calls for six colors and none of the colors really struck me and I wanted a scarf and hat set to cheer on my boys the 49ers (please win more than two games this season!) So I kept it to the four team colors. The hat was super quick and is just a repeat of two rows converted to be worked in the round. The scarf was a quick knit, but boy, weaving in all the ends was a killer! I searched the archives here and worked the duplicate stitch but still. I don't think I'd do this scarf again just because of all the weaving. And I can't stand weaving or sewing! Still, I now have a set for the games! Go 9ers!


Hello y'all

Thanks for letting me join this KAL! I have been lurking for months and have enjoyed seeing everyone's wonderful work. I have been knitting for about five months and ever since I stumbled on this KAL I have been so inspired. I am almost done with my first Misty Garden and I have just started on my first Ruffle. I thought I understood the pattern until the [kwtog, k1] in row four. I have looked all over the place and everything I have read is not jelling with me. Am I supposed to turn in row four? Can anyone shed some light on this [kwtog, k1] thing for me?

Many, many thanks!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lady E/Kureyon Question

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking a long while on the knit-a-long admiring everyone's work. I'm just about finished with my own Lady E from "Scarf Style." I've been knitting it using Noro Kureyon and right now it's 50" exactly unblocked. I'm planning on adding fringe and am a bit leery about the shawl being the recommended 70". Does anyone have any thoughts about ease with Kureyon? I'm unsure about how long this shawl will be after blocking. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help everyone, and hopefully they'll be an FO post soon.


Hi! New Here

Thanks so much for letting me join! I have both books and love them. I do have all the yarn for the colour on colour scarf, but I think when it all arrived I was really inimidated! There are so many wonderful patterns to choose from. I'll have to study them all and check my stash. Nice to meet all of you and I love seeing what everyone is doing and their work. Lovely!


Finished Lady E and Chevron!

I finished both the Chevron scarf and the Lady Eleanor. Both worked up much faster then I anticipated. I used wool ease in various colors for the Chevron and Noro Kuryeon in Colorway 40 for the Lady E. On my needles is the ruffles and Misty Garden, and I am planning on making Fluted Ribs from wrap style next!!

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Backyard Leaves

Hi All!

I'm new to the group and am happy to share a finished Backyard Leaves scarf made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It's so squishable I can't wait to wear it. I wrote more about knitting it on my blog. I've seen many of these scarves out there and it's easy to see how they are so popular. The pattern is fabulous and keeps you interested the whole way.


I'm also working on the Sheltand Shawl, after seeing BrooklynTweeds and Grumperina's among others I'm impatiently trying to finish the last round! There are so many patterns in both books that I just want to make... Ruffles, Lady Eleanor... so many...

what will i cast on next?


Eleanor in Progress!

Here's my Eleanor after just about four balls of Patons Soy Wool Silk in Natural Earth. It's actually on ball number seven now (lost count, oops)! LOVE it!

Newbie on board

Hi - just got involved and can't wait to start a wrap from Wrap Style. I'm thinking of the ribbed wrap knit in Lush - or perhaps Annie Modesitt's chenille wrap. What to do, what to do. Love to see your works in progress!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Question about Shetland Triangle Pattern

Hi all, Has anyone seen the new Holiday 2006 Interweave Knits magazine? They republished our beloved Backyard Leaves scarf pattern in this issue ( and also the Misty Garden scarf). Seeing these patterns republished causes me to ask the question; has anyone seen the Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style republished (legally) anywhere?