Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Noro Kureyon Twice

Yet another Lady Eleanor stole in Noro in progress - still some way to go :-)

Also I didnĀ“t manage to resist temptation any longer and made my first Ruffles - rather short since I wanted to use only 1 ball of Noro but I like the result anyway. I combined it with another red wool and knitted one side in Noro and one in the other yarn as suggested in the book. It looks interesting, sooner or later I will try to do the same using dark purple wool in combination with this Noro shade.


Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ruffles Ruffles everywhere

Here is my fab ruffles scarf, in progress.  i'm using Cascade Pastaza in a lovely wintery blue.  i just got some yarn to start the back yard leaves scarf, today...can't have just 1 project going at a time, now can i?   
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Backyard battle

It comes out so nice, I'm knitting it twice!

I'm at it again. In the right corner, in the rose corner, we have the current champion, Backyard Leaves 1! In the left corner, the raspberry corner, we have the challenger, Backyard Leaves 2!

Backyard Leaves 2 is precisely identical to the first one, except the yarn is a different color. The rose-colored one is all mine, but the raspberry one will be for my friend Egle.

That's right. Two Backyard Leaves, neither in anything close to green. I've got the pink bug :-D.

Happy knitting,
Kathy, aka grumperina

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Here's my finished Midwest Moonlight in Fiesta La Luz, 100 % silk, 2 skeins (210 yds. each). I loved working the pattern and the yarn was a dream to knit. The pattern called for 25 repeats and I only got 23, but the yarn was too pricey to buy another skein just for two pattern repeats. Because the silk stretches a little, I still ended up with a 10" x 60" scarf. Posted by Hello


My excuses (ahem, REASONS) for non-progress

I haven't posted in a long time. For several REASONS (ahem, excuses).

1) I had to send the digital camera back to my brother. It's not fun to blog with no pictures to support your progress. (Kind of like the whole...if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to see it...does it make any noise? So, if I say I finish a project and no one can see it, is it really done?)

2) I have adult ADD. Seriously. Well, ok, not really. But, my knitting personality sure does! I love picking out new yarn, the new pattern, casting on, and knitting enough so that I can see the pattern...then the rush is gone.

3) I had to finish my felted clogs for my felted clogs CLASS.

4) School.

5) Fine. I'm just lazy, ok??

So...fellow scarfstyle babes...I'm looking for some words of encouragement to go ahead and finish my backyard leaves scarf. I've finished the first half and about 4 repeats on the second half (there's 11 repeats). You'd think that being about 75% finished would make me just push through the pain. Stories of how good it felt to finish your projects, how bad it feels to NOT finish a project, or how you motivated yourself to 'push through' to the end will be greatly appreciated!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i hate you, i love ball down, five to go. My first attempt at charts. There's been some ripping back a couple times, but we made it through the first ball. Posted by Hello

Ruffles Is Done!

Dearest Scarf Stylin' Hipster Mamas:

You may recall me from such posts as "I am working on a Ruffles in Light Blue Cashmere, etc..." You may also recall myself and my blogging partner in crime, Sooner, from the heated discussion regarding the weirdness of the design of a pair of sleeves as a scarf.

Anyway, I have completed my Ruffles in light blue cashmere I bought on sale at AC Moore. It is soft and marvelous and looks great with the vintage jacket I made it to match. Below please find a photo showing how much I "heart" my new FO* and a photo of my puppy, Macy, the Official SpokesDog of the Totally Knitting Universe, and a photo of myself attempting to capture the grace and beauty of the cover photo of your favorite pattern book and mine, Scarf Style.


Totally Knitting


Finished Midwest Moonlight! Woohoo!

I started out not liking this yarn (Rowan Calmer), but I love it now. It drapes so beautifully. Next I have to finish my Ruffles and Misty Garden.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

And a close up... Posted by Hello

Here is the start of my Lady Eleanor. I am using Manos del Uruguay which is a handcrafted kettle dyed wool. Posted by Hello


Finally done ruffles! It didn't take long...and I did enjoy it for the first few the third ball, I couldn't wait to get it done. So many other scarves I am excited about... Posted by Hello


Here is the beginning of misty garden done in a merino and silk...I was just trying out the pattern in a spare ball, but I love it. So of to my LYS tomorrow to find more in the same dyelot! Posted by Hello


Teva Turtle Shrug

Happily, I have completed my first project from Scarf Style, the shrug designed by Teva Durham, to be worn as either a shrug or as a scarf.

Quite warm, and an easy way to extend my tshirt wardrobe into the cooler months.

Wearing the shrug as a scarf made me realise why Teva probably chose a mohair yarn for this project: it's an awful lot of yarn to have wrapped around the neck. Instead of the yarn called for, I used a wool-microfiber blend, which is soft and warm but not as lightweight as a mohair. So let that be a caution to all of you who have this on the to-knit list!

I knit the sleeves a little long so they would be long enough to wrap around for the scarf, and I think the deep turnback cuffs look ok. Now... on to the next scarf!


New here

Hi everybody,
my name is Lu and I am a knitholic. I plan to make Misty Garden with some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool my wonderful secret pal sent me.
And I must add that I just love this book!

Midwest Moonlight-- done!

Misty Garden

I finally finished this scarf for my mother in-law the first week of February, but was having some camera problems so I wasn't able to post about it sooner. I loved this yarn and pattern so much I had a hard time giving the scarf away.

I love the Scarf Style book and will probably cast on for another scarf soon.

Jen S. at


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Lady Eleanor is perfect for a cool winter day! Posted by Hello


Lady Eleanor is finished!! 14 balls of Noro Kureyon later, I have a gorgeous stole! This project was incredibly fun and I am SO pleased with the finished product!  Posted by Hello



I recently discovered this book and have started several projects . I am currently working on Ruffles, Moonlight Madness and I just started Lady Eleanor's Entrelac Stole.

I will post pictures soon!

New Here too!

I've been working on Ruffles. It's such a fun knit! I'm using Noro Kureyon #51. The colors are little hard to see in this picture. I'll try to take a better picture later...

Ruffles Scarf

Look forward to kniting along with you! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Hi everyone,

Well, I finished my Backyard Leaves scarf from the book, and I love it! I have a question for all you Backyard Leaves knitters - do you think it's weird that without hesitation I wanted to make my scarf pink or red or rose? As far as I can tell, all of you made your BL scarves in green shades... I love this scarf and pattern so much, that I'm going to make another one for a friend! Do you think this one will be green? ;) Nope, it will be raspberry-colored! Here are the pictures:

That's me, sporting my new scarf

More details about yarn, finished size, blocking, etc., can be found on my website.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of my second Backyard Leaves.

Kathy, aka grumperina
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Newbie here

Heya -

I originally got into knitting because I saw some fun projects in the Stitch n' Bitch book and it looked like something my teens would be really into. Oh by the way, in the library I work with teens and providing teen programs. I'm always willing to learn and try new hobbies (they've recently gotten me to agree to learn to play Yu-Gi-Oh). I've been knitting for around 8 months and do so 4 hours a week at the most. I play the violin and I'm on the computer alot so I have to be careful about overworking my tendons.

I stumbled upon this blog while looking for some knitting tips for one of the 5 projects I have going on. This blog is a handy resource because as it turns out I'm workin on two scarves from this book. So, I'm in the process of making the Misty Garden and the Ruffles scarf (yeah I know, big surprise huh). Well the latter is taking FOR-E-VER (say it like they did in The Sandlot) and I didn't change anything regarding materials for this one.

For the Misty Garden scarf: I'm using Artful Yarns - Broadway, it has such a dark rich color and I'm using it as a 6 inch border for each end. For the main part of the scarf I'm using Classic Elite - La Gran #9466 and I'm probably going to need another skein of this, so 3 skeins total. I quickly found out that you don't see the stitches as clearly with the La Gran, so you don't get as much depth. However, the contrast of the two different mohairs is very pretty. I wish I would have made the endtips around 12 inches instead of 6. I will try to post pics of this one soon.

till next time - A

Friday, February 18, 2005

stripes and bobbles

My version of the Stripes and Bobbles scarf from Scarfstyle is finally complete. The stripes waited a very long time for the bobbles. I used Encore to make the two stripes in charcoal gray and one black. My CO, with a US9, was 8 for the gray stripes and 6 for the black. The bobbles were made with Rowan All Season Cotton in royal blue.

The directions for the knot, or bobble, are to wrap the yarn around a knitting needle or pencil six times on each side of the stripe. After several unattractive bobbles, I finally found a good method. Using one double pointed needle I did the six wraps on one side, left the dpn in place while using a second dpn to do the wraps on the other side. Once complete with yarn tied off, I pulled out both dpns. The result is what you see in the pictures. It hangs pretty and is warm - can't wait to wear my scarf!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Moonlight Madness amost done-- advice needed!

I'll be finishing Moonlight Madness by tomorrow sometime, and I'm wondering, how the heck do you weave the ends in on lacework? Yikes!

Ok, here it is...DB cashmerino aran..some crazy colour..fushia that I bought on ebay. This pattern is much easier than it may appear, and you can multitask while knitting! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'm obsessed!!

Hi Guys,
My online name is norbu and I am in Melbourne, Australia and I'm a Rowan-aholic :-)
I am now OBSESSED with Scarf Style and could go on forever** I just HAD to order the 'Touch Me' for the Vintage Velvet scarf, ordering the Rowan yarn for the Rosebud Scarf in a couple of weeks and just gotta knit the Falling Leaves and Ruffles and Oh, well you get the picture... I tried subbing yarn for the backyard while waiting for my other bits to arrive but no luck with the yarn I chose, will be cheaper to get the original* You can see my efforts on my blog until I got distracted by a subtitled movie and the error was WAY too complex to find* Anyhow, wanted to say a Hi and looking forward to sharing Scarf Style obsessions*

New to knit-alongs

Hello everyone!
I just received my "Scarf Style" book and I am awaiting my order from Knitpicks. I love the challenge of many of these scarves, yet reading through them I have many questions.

I have started the ruffle scarf as many of you have done, using DB cashmerino aran...loving it.

I would like to make the "Backyard Leaves" scarf. I have never really done any lace knitting, except for some yo here and there, and I am new to chart reading. But what really is confusing is the edging she puts on it. I have no idea, and cannot find anything about the slip stitch double knit method. How do I do this and do I add the stitches into the cast on number? I don't think the edging is charted.
Thankyou for any help you can give.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Can you believe it?

Hi everyone,
Can you believe it, this is my first knit-along? Woohoo! I've been working on the Backyard Leaves Scarf from the book, and I think the designer, Annie Modesitt, is SO clever. Anyone else notice the neat-looking border on this scarf? I'm glad I don't have to decide on a selvedge, she's got it all spelled out. Here are some pictures:

So, I'm knitting my scarf in elann's 100% alpaca, color #1349 antique rose. It's been going very well, in fact, I'm about 85% done at this point, just a few more repeats. I'm a little nervous about blocking alpaca, since I understand I might have to steam it. Any advice? Nice meeting all of you!

Kathy, aka grumperina
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Monday, February 14, 2005


Hey Stylers!

I am a latecomer to this knit-along and to the book. Although I had coveted it for many months, I didn't managed to pick it up until a few weeks ago. In order to catch-up I immediately started in on Teva Durham's Turtleneck Shrug in a lovely shade of blue-green Cascade 220. I am taking a brief break to work on a baby sweater, but here is what I have so far:

I am already in love with this interesting take on a scarf and can't wait to wear it.

I also just got some laceweight yarn from Knitpicks to start Ene's Scarf for my grandma. Has anyone knit this? I would love any advice you might have. Everyone's scarves look amazing! I love visiting this blog.

Knit on!

Nicole/Big Sister


Friday, February 11, 2005

Double Dog Dragon

Hello Scarf Stylers!!

Has anyone knit the Double Dare Doggy Dragon scarf? I was wondering how much of each color people have used and whether there was much left over per skein. As the yarn called for is completely expensivecore, my best knitting friend and blog partner in crime Sooner and I were thinking of going in on some yarn for it, thereby cutting expenses tremendously.

Also, if anyone has knit it using any substitute yarns, I'd be interested in hearing a report about that, too!

Still ruffling away in Jersey City and all over Manhattan,


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ruffles progress & Color on Color started

Here's Ruffles so far:

It's about 23 inches - one ball of DB Cashmerino Aran lasted 18 inches worth.

And I've begun Color on Color:



My finished Trellis Scarf

What a great fun scarf to knit! I used the Crystal Palace Cotton chenille as per the pattern, and I LOVE the way it turned out. Please take a look at the finished scarf at my blog The Feb 2 entry.

I'm back to work then on Midwest Moonlight...


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Cousin of Misty's.....

A pic of my progress on Misty Garden. I ended up using yarn that I had on hand. A inexpensive mohair blend that I am really digging! I used my fave 10 1/2 addis so its bigger than the pattern suggested but....I prefer it that way! Its cloudy and snowing here today so my pic is not the best, very rich and vibrant red. Love this pattern - very easy to remember and I don't have to worry about taking my counter with me everywhere I go! ~Rox


picture post

Hi. I already posted a few days ago with the new here and there cables scarf i'm working on but i thought i'd post pictures of a few other scarfs i've worked on or completed from the book.

here is fair isle jazz which i haven't been able to pick up for a few months. this was my first try at fair isle and it got me hooked.

this is my completed misty garden scarf which was a gift for my mother-in-law. this was really quick and fun.

i don't have a picture of my first completed here and there cabled scarf but this was pretty close to the finish. it was a christmas gift. I made this from jo sharp silk road aran.

if anyone has any questions about these patterns i'd be glad to help!

(sorry about the dog paws sticking into the first 2 pictures. he's always around and is a bit of a ham.)


Monday, February 07, 2005

Like a Lemming....

After seeing all the beautiful Misty Garden pictures, I just couldn't resist. I even broke my YNBA to buy the yarn....

Mine is made of Queensland Collection Rare Comfort Mohair instead of the Jo Sharp mohair. Two different yarn stores told me they are the exact same thing, made by the same company, even using the same color numbers! Queensland Collection is slightly cheaper most places, so keep that in mind of you are interested in making this scarf and want to use the specified yarn.

I went with the color pictured in the book, which looks like a rose garden to me, but it was hard choice between that and a lovely mix of purples and greens which looked like a violet patch or a vineyard. Hmmm.. maybe I need to make two!?!

Spinning continues slowly on the yarn for Color on Color...

Anne in Colorado

here and there & ruffle

I'm on my second ruffle scarf:

The noro yarn was such a good idea (thanks carol). This isn't the softest yarn I've ever worked with but I love the color. Lots of fun to make.

And here is a Here and There Cable scarf I'm slowly making. The yarn is 100% merino from It's super soft.

I'm trying to finish up a couple sweaters while it's still winter so these will probably stay in progress for a bit :-)

Thanks again Tipper for starting this knit along. I'm really enjoying seeing all the projects.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm Just A Girl

Hello to all of you hard working scarf stylin' babes!!

I am a girl, and an uber femme one at that, so I was a total girl lemming and jumped right into Ruffles as my first project. I am working with a cashmere aran I got from AC Moore during their 25% off yarn sale recently. It is only 6% cashmere, the rest merino wool and it is butter soft. On my 10 inch bamboo size 7s, I am knitting a dream. Seriously, it is so nice. I am not a fiber snob in any way and have many projects going in acrylic (and, in fact, have recently decided I hate knitting 100% wool--true story) you can see in my blog, but I recently declared to the Granny Girl Squad, God and everybody, that I will always, ALWAYS have a project going with some sort of cashmere yarn.

Once I got the first few pattern repeats goin', I have found I can do Ruffles anywhere, especially on the train and in the bank. I'm a real estate lawyer and spend a lot of time in both places, ruffling away.

Here's a shot of my WIP:

Anyway, hope to start the double dog dragon and the here and there cables very very soon!!!!


Jersey City, NJ

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On to the next one....

Hi Guys, Finished Braided Mischief and love it! I am now getting ready to start Misty Garden. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a yarn substitute? I can't find the yarn used in the book!! Was thinking about the new mohair yarn from Lion Brand - but really wanting something soft. Who wants a itchy scarf eh? Any ideas on a decent substitute??

Just Joined!

Hi, after lurking for a while, I decided to join - my first knit-a-long. I'm working on the popular Ruffles scarf. I'm using Cascade Sierra in a butter yellow color (forgot the number). So far I really like this pattern. It's my first experience with short rows, so it took me a couple of rows to get it down. I only have a few inches to come soon.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


first off: thanks for responding to the's fun to visualize what and where fellow scarffers are up to....


ruffles....i'm pretty sure i'm doing it all wrong, because it feels weird and i keep ending up with too many stitches AND loose stitches is certain places.

my questions:
1. what cast on method did you use, what seems to work best?
2. are there any mistakes/updates that i should know about in the pattern?
3. are you supposed to always have 22 stitches?
4. for the KWTOG...i dont really understand this, can you please explain it to me in beginner-knitter words? do you stick you needle in the front part of the wrap, the back part of the wrap, and the stitch thats around the needle? therefore knitting 3 "strings" together??