Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ene's scarf completed!

Here is my first lace project - after many false starts and ripping out it is done! I used Claudia's Handpainted yarn in the Walk in the Woods colorway, and size 5 needles.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Midwest Moolight

I casted for Midwest Moonlight last night, with some Lion and Lamb that has been in my stash for a while:

Midwest Moonlight

I love both the yarn and the pattern.

ETA: Since Helen asked, the colorway is Purple Club.


Scarf Style/Wrap Style on Flickr

At long last, I have become sucked into the world of Flickr. Awhile ago, I set up a group for Scarf Styl and Wrap Style photos, and to my surprise, people have added some. I invite you all to do the same! You'll need to create a Flickr account if you do not already have one.

To keep the group more manageable, please include photos of finished objects only.

Click here to visit the photo pool.

Announcing ...... Lady Eleanor

Lady Eleanor has been OTN it seems forever but has finally been cast off, washed & blocked.

Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole
DD modelling Lady Eleanor

DD enjoyed her photoshoot & had fun swirling around as DH clicked away.

Yarn used: Noro Silk Garden shade 232
Amount of yarn used: 6 1/2 50g balls without a fringe.
Needle size: 5mm
Pattern from Scarf Style edited by Pam Allen
Dimensions pre blocking: 37cm x 107cm
Dimensions post blocking: 43cm x 139cm.
Started: 10th May 2006
Finished: 8th August 2006

I enjoyed the pattern but my disaster with the yarn early on in the project tainted it for me. I haven't added a fringe yet as I'm not sure which type I want if any. I know that I don't want standard tassels like a scarf & am not sure regarding a knotted fringe or a beaded knotted fringe so for now it's staying as it is.

More pictures can be seen on my blog


Ene and I

I completed the missing triangle in one night. Then Ene enjoyed her afternoon blocking in the sun on the picnic table and came out looking beautiful. The alpaca yarn is softer now and a very nice texture for the stitch pattern, not too hairy to obscure the lace holes. I model her here, but Ene is destined to be a celebratory kind of prayer shawl. She will be gifted to a very special friend who completed a Masters degree in theology and was recently ordained as a minister. I think they will be happy together. ... Now the fun of going through the book and the stash and deciding what to do next.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Lesson in Mohair

Hello! I am new to this KAL, but am so anxious to get moving on the projects! I never imagined I could get so excited about scarves and wraps; I absolutely love this book. Every pattern is so beautiful. I am starting with Misty Garden.

I bought the mohair on a whim at my LYS a while back, and just waited until the right pattern came along. Misty Garden is my first experience with a lace pattern, as well as my first experience with mohair. I am still up in the air about the mohair. It looks fantastic, but I feel like I am knitting it at a snail's pace. However, it may just be that I knit everything at a snail's pace!

For my second project, I plan to knit Backyard Leaves in Classic Elite Lush. My friend Lynn asked for a "black scarf" for Christmas. Little does she know that I plan to learn how to read a chart for the first time with her "black scarf" pattern!

My First Scarf Style Project!

Hi Everyone! My name is Jen and I live in Texas. I'm about to start my first official Scarf Style project (I did make an abbreviated version of the Misty Garden scarf last month for one of the Stitch 'n Pitch Baseball games, but since it wasn't for me it doesn't count:) and I think I'm going to go with the Interlocking Balloons. I work part-time at our LYS, Yarns Ewenique, and we just got our shipment of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in and I think it'll be perfect. Now, to decide on a color . . .

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Ene's won

first place in my local county fair! Here is a pic when I finished it last winter.


Midwest Moonlight completed!

Love it! The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cathay, a cotton/silk/microfibre blend - it has beautiful sheen and texture, and was wonderful to knit with. This is going to be a gift for my fiance's sister for Christmas. Can't wait to start another scarf from this book! More pics on my blog for those interested.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Lady Eleanor Inspiration

I love both of these books. I turn every page and want to knit each one. I finally settled on starting with a scaled-down version of lady eleanor. I wanted to learn the technique before launching on such a large project, so I used yarn from my stash - Noro Silk Garden color 87. I used three skeins. I like most of the colors but am not too crazy about the one square of yellow. How does that happen when they are all the same color and lot number? Oh, well. It has personality.

For my next knit, I am thinking of trying to do something with lace and am eyeing two patterns, one from each of the books. I have never knit a "real" lace pattern before, so hopefully I won't be in too far over my head. Wish me luck, and I'll keep you all posted!

Ene's Scarf

Here is a progress picture of my Ene's Scarf. You can see the triangular space that is left to complete. I think that's a neat feature of knitting the long edge first. Very motivating. This is only the second lace shawl that I have knit and I am enjoying the pattern. The repeat for the main part of the body is quite simple, as long as you check where it starts and stops at the side edges and centre line.

I am using an old yarn from my stash. Actually, I inherited it from my late aunt's stash in 1989. It's George Picaud Alpaga, a 100% alpaca fingering weight yarn from France. It's a little stiff right now, but I hope it will soften with washing and blocking.

Scarf Style is my favorite scarf book and there are at least 3 other scarves in it that I plan to knit, so I am going to be around here for awhile. I have a blog at ; drop by if you're interested in seeing what else I'm working on.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vintage Velvet post-felting & advice for those in doubt

As promised I got some pictures taken of my Vintage Velvet scarf post-felting. It's hard to get a decent picture of it, but the two of me wearing it came out almost perfect. :)

And because I believe in helping others out whenever possible, if anyone is reading this and contemplating making either this scarf or another piece in Touch Me and is afraid to throw that plush, sinfully soft yarn in the washer and dryer, fear not!

Your gorgeous scarf (or shawl, blanket, top, what have you) will look bad when it comes out of the washing machine. Really bad. Brace yourself. Your piece will be matted and rough and bear more than a passing resemblance to roadkill (sad but true).

It won't look like the gorgeous piece you put in the washer and it won't look much better once it comes out of the dryer (let it dry until it's damp and then air dry it, stretching it gently every now and then), but have faith. It'll most likely take a few days and a couple of trips through the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes or so at a time over the course of those few days to get it dried completely, but once it's had a chance to dry completely and relax after its long journey through the felting and drying process it will be gorgeous.

As it dries, it loses that roughness and dullness and regains its softess and shine, but the stitches will be shrunk down so that it looks like well cared for vintage velvet (the name of the pattern is dead on accurate) rather than the beautiful, but clearly knitted piece that went in.

What I'm trying to say is: Have faith. Felting this gorgeous (and rather expensive) yarn isn't necessarily an easy step to take, considering the beauty of the piece pre-felting and the price of the yarn should it turn out badly, but believe me, it's worth it.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Vintage Velvet is done!

(Picture is pre-felting - a picture post-felting is at the bottom of the post)

Finished up my Vintage Velvet scarf a couple of days ago and after setting and waiting for it to dry (to no avail, I might add, it's too humid here, apparently), I finally threw it in the drier on low heat for ten minutes and it's finally presentable. :)

I was really worried by how it looked and felt when I pulled it out of the washer (matted and rough, not soft and silky like before), but now that it's finally dry I'm pretty happy with it. If I do it again, I won't wash it for so long to shrink it a teeny bit less, but that's just so that it'll be wider and a bit longer (I could make it longer by stretching it, but then I lose width).

I'll get better pictures of it after drying later and put them up (I'll have to host them somewhere other than my Flickr account due to a glitch that ate up all my bandwidth - damn them - but they'll be up somewhere) but for now I don't have access to my camera and just have a picture of the cables after felting.

(Post-felting - a picture of the scarf pre-felting is at the top of the post)

I'm seriously considering altering a cabled hat pattern I have to make a matching Vintage Velvet hat, although I'll have to do a lot of math to make sure that it's going to fit correctly after felting (and adjust the needle size and whatnot accordingly). If I do it and it turns out well, I'm going to be a very happy camper and if it doesn't I'm going to be a bit miffed, what with the yarn being $15 a skein and my needing probably 3 or 4 skeins to make a hat and all. I do have a birthday coming up, though, so maybe someone will get me the yarn as a present, then I won't feel quite as bad if it doesn't turn out perfectly.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Backyard Leaves gone awry

I've been working on Backyard Leaves (in Karabella Aurora 8), since last winter. It's been a great experience as I progressed from my start as a fairly novice lace knitter who didn't have the foggiest idea what the hell the chart meant to a fairly confident knitter, zipping through those springy leaves. Finally, it was done, and I laid it out in the back patio with pet quail Fiver for scale before blocking it and sewing the two halves together.

This is where the major bummer comes in, because when I went to sew the two halves together, one cast-on had been quite tight, and the other was quite loose, so the seam came out very funky. Then, I tried the thing on and it is LONG! At this point, the thing seems more likely to choke me to death with its long heaviness than to cradle my neck in leafy softness, which is what I was hoping for.

I've had knitted objects come out unsatisfactorily before, but this one really bums me out because it's the ultimate pattern and the ultimate yarn, the FO that I couldn't wait to lay my eyes on. Once I get over my disappointment, I'm just going to rip it a little from both ends and redo the couple of rows around that join and take out a repeat or two at each and, then then maybe Backyard Leaves and I can fall in love like we were meant to.


Vintage Velvet is on the needles and I'm in love!

I started my Vintage Velvet scarf yesterday and I'm absolutely hopelessly in love with the yarn (Touch Me, the yarn the pattern calls for). It's so, so soft and plush and silky and it knits up beautifully (and quickly!).

So far I'm three full repeats and 1/3 of the 4th into the pattern (and finishing up my first ball of yarn) and it looks wonderful. I think it's going to look even better once it's felted. I had some issues with dropping stitches in the middle panel initially since the yarn is a bit slippery and had to restart the damn thing three times before I got the feel of the yarn and I had to get a couple of cable turns in before it looked right, but it's gorgeous now.

I figure I'll be able to finish it in about 4 days or so, if I go at this rate. Just in time for fall, hurrah!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Misty Garden

Red Fall Scarf

I was listening to Brenda Dayne's podcast a few weeks ago and when she mentioned that her new series was being sponsored by Briar Rose Fibers, I remembered a skein of fingering weight yarn I'd bought last April at the Putnam County Fleece Fest.

Eager to get knitting I decided that it would be a Misty Garden scarf. Love, love how it turned out.

Next up, backyard leaves.

See more photos and info about Misty Garden and Backyard leaves on my blog.


Turtleneck Shrug is done!

I finished my Turtleneck Shrug last night and wove in the ends this morning! It looks fantastic and it feels really nice on - warm and cozy. I'm glad I didn't do the reductions the pattern calls for at the shoulders because it fits me perfectly as is (I have wide shoulders for someone so small everywhere else).

I have to say, the shrug looks...well, stupid when it's not being worn. A bit like a really ugly and really thick pair of those wool tights that were all the rage among the kindergarten set when I was little, but with the crotch cut out. Crotchless wool tights! It's really a design that looks its best on a body. ;)

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted merino in Vaa (gorgeous shades of green and blue)
Needles: Boye Balene II size 7 11" circular needles
Begun: July 13th
Finished: August 3rd
Modifications: No decreases/increases on the shoulders, first row of neck has a 6 stitch rib on both the front and back where the sleeves met, the second row was decreased by doing a k2tog 3 times for each side to bring it back to K3/P3 rib again.

There're more pictures on my Flickr album - don't want to take up a ton of room here on the blog with them. ;)


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Forbes Forest

I've been meaning to post this here for a while - I finished Forbes Forest a little over a week ago and I am very happy with the results!

Forbes Forest 2

I used 6 balls of Knit Picks MerinoStyle in 'Moss' and added a few pattern repeats to make it longer. The texture is amazing and it was a blast to photograph!

Forbes Forest 1

Details are here.