Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Backyard Leaves Begins....

Hi everyone :0)! I cast on for Backyard Leaves today using Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes in fern & size 7 addi's. I am currently about to begin the 7th repeat for the 1st section...I want a very, very long scarf, so I will be doing more than the 11 in pattern. I must say..I LOVE, LOVE this pattern..the scarf is just going to be GORGEOUS! All that I have seen in all sorts of yarn & colors have all been STUNNING..Annie Modesitt is a knitting GENIUS!!! I have ideas for the hat & fingerless gloves to go with the scarf floating about in my head as I knit :-)! I will take photos daily, but will, of course, not post them here daily..LOL! Will be back with a photo in a day or two!
FYI...I so enjoy looking at & reading about everyone's projects...they are all wonderful!
Happy Knitting & Happy Holidays


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another newbie

Hi all! I just joined and yes, it is present time. I'm currently finishing up a couple of scarves and will be starting on Ruffles. Have to read through the archives to see if anyone's done anything interesting. And seeing all the pictures, there's so much I want to make!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm a newbie

Hello everyone!! Ive been reading this KAL for a while, I just never posted -- but I finally have something I've been working on that I'd like to share! hooray!
This is a variation on the Misty Garden scarf made out of Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere (from Elann). It is a real lightweight yarn so all I did was add another repeat of the feather and fan pattern to make the scarf wider. I think I bumped it up to 56 stitches instead of the 38 the pattern calls for, and it's been working out nicely. I'm about half done- so far I've used 2 balls of yarn, so when it's finished I think it'll take a total of about 4.

Anyway, keep up the great knitting -- reading this KAL is very inspiring, it gives me tons of ideas!

Guinevere's Beginnings

Last night, I started Guinevere and I think it's progressing nicely. The pattern is fairly easy but does require concentration.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ene's Scarf Progress

I restarted Ene's Scarf last week and have made it through the first pattern. After a couple of false starts, it is progressing nicely, I think.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Fair Isle Jazz beginnings

Last week I started my Fair Isle Jazz scarf, using this palette of Elann's Peruvian Collection Highland Wool. Since this yarn is a little smaller than Mission Falls wool, I'm using a size 6 needle. After seeing this scarf on display at a trunk show, I knew there was no way I'd use the recommended yarn; the thing was about 14 inches wide. This scarf is a much more reasonable width, but my row gage appears to be very close to the original, so I'm not losing any length in the fair isle and stripe sections.

I purchased five balls of the main color, and plan on knitting the cabled section until I'm down to one ball. I like my scarves long!

This is very satisfying to knit, and I don't even mind all of the ends to weave in. After the ends of the Campus Scarf, I can handle anything!


Question about tracking on chart

I am started Forbes Forest and I am sure that other people more experienced with charts have found a solution to this problem. I am having a hard time tracking the chart for the middle frond cable after I get past the 20 rows of the R and L zigzag cable. I get to say, row 23 or 24, and I have to stop and count up the rows from the bottom of the frond cable to find myself.
I tried making an excel chart of the whole thing and pasting the rows that would be 14-20 of the frond cable into the chart in the 'blank spot', hoping that I'd come to a point where the whole pattern was a cut/paste repeat but that has not happened I just have a large and hard to read chart that I keep having to count/paste. I suppose that is better than counting while knitting (and I can always print out new sheets and I tick off/mark up the current one. Any tips for following this chart?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

completed Shadow Dance

I am now officially addicted to brioche rib... This capelet performs double duty: I can wear it indoors if it's a little chilly, but it also stretches easily so I can wear it over a jacket. Perfect!

Edited to answer questions from the comments:
I used 6 balls of Knit Picks' Andean Silk. They were originally cream-colored, but I dyed them red and brown. I started off with Kool-Aid dyes and got super bright colors. I eventually toned them down using Procion dyes, on loan from my friend Marie. Brioche rib is a little tricky at first, but the book has great schematic diagrams. The spectacular increases are super easy to do.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Midwest Moonlight

Here is me in my newly completed Midwest Moonlight Scarf. I love it! The whole time I was knitting I kept thinking "its too stiff, its too stiff". But after a bath in eucalan and an evening spent blocking, its wonderfully soft and drapey. Whew!

Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style
Color: Rhubarb
Needle Size: 6

I highly recommend this pattern. I was about a quarter of the way through the scarf when I finally memorized the pattern, and it was smooth sailing from there.


Linen Backyard Leaves

Thought I could share the beginning of my second project from the book, a Backyard Leaves scarf in Rowan linen drape, unfortunately a discontinued yarn that I received from the yarn club at Strikk Innom. I'm using needles 4mm, so the scarf will be smaller than the pattern designed for needles 4.5mm. The pattern is quite complex and requires counting on both RS and WS, so it's really fun to knit!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Ruffles Adventuring

Hi all! I'm really excited to find a KAL for my Yuletide knitting. I've already knit one Ruffles and am starting on my second, but I was wondering what others may have found in their expereince regarding appropriate yarn. The first I did was in a DK wool and it turned out lovely, with smooth sexy spirals. Then I tried to make a second in some acrylic fuzzy stuff(Patons Davina) and it seemed really flat and not curly I started over in a beautiful cotton/viscose/polyester twisty, eye-lashy Italian yarn (Kertzer Beaux) but it seems that there are too many slubs etc. detracting from the simplicity of the pattern. What have others thought. Should I go back to the wool and just play with colour or do any novelty yarns perform well and not detract from Ruffles?


Misty Garden

I finished Misty Garden last week. The pattern was easy to memorize and fun to knit. It's something I would definitely knit again.

Misty Garden
I used Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Brush. More details here.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ene's Scarf frustration

Some of you may remember I had to frog Ene's Scarf after completing the first chart. I decided to cast on for it again this weekend because I finished the sweater I was working on.

I just am not meant to knit this scarf/shawl! I had the right number of stitches cast on (which gave me problems the first time I attempted this). I got to the end of the first row, carefully placing markers at each repeat of the pattern and counting my stitches and I was one stitche short! I re counted my stitches and found a mistake even before the first repeat! WHat a dolt!

I frogged it because I just could not tink back through all those stitches. Maybe over THanksgiving break I will try again when I have some time to myself and no one talking to me as I am trying to count. If I can get through the cast on and the first row and get my markers placed correctly, I think I will be able to actually knit this

Finished Lady Eleanor !!

Here she is ... Finished in all her glory !!

My lady E was knit in just over three weeks, using 9 1/2 balls of Noro Silk Garden # 87. I LOVED this project, the actual knitting was great with a teeny bit of a challenge, and very impressive results !! As you can see, I did not do the knotted fringe in the scarfStyle pattern, I choose a simple tassle with a contrasting color. After blocking, my stole measures a whopping 20" wide and 72" long !!! Very soft and snuggly, exactly what I was looking for. I imagine I will knit another one of these next fall in another colorway, it will be Noro as well !! I can't wait to wear this out and reep it's warmth !!! My cat already loves it !!

I love it, and I hope you all have fun with this pattern !!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Backyard Leaves Advice?

Hello all! I'm in the middle of a move, and so taking photos is out of the question, but I'm about 2/3 of the way through Twisty Turns. The yarn (Classic Elite Lush) is just that--luscious--but the project is pretty mindless/endless! I am looking forward to doing Backyard Leaves next for my aunt for Christmas, and ordered some Knitpicks Andean Silk for the project. I'd love advice from you Backyard Leaves veterans!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hi everyone,
I'm new, my name's Alex, and I'm making a Misty Garden scarf in gray mohair. I'm also yearning to start on several of the Wrap Style patterns all at once (Shoulder Cozy, Spiral Shell, and that stunning lace cobweb that would take me two years to finish) but I'm trying to hold off until after I finish a few current projects, like the scarf. Someday if I'm really brave I'd like to try the Lady Eleanor stole too. It's great to see everyone's project pictures, esp. since the pix of Backyard Leaves in the book don't show its overall shape. Thanks to Tipper for signing me up here!

Hello from Calgary!

I just discovered this knit-along - I've just finished the 'Lace Edged Cardigan with Collar' from Wrap Style.

Behold my giant hand!

Here's a detail of the lace:

The details:

I used two and a half skeins of Araucania Nature Wool, which is a little less than a worsted weight, but more than a sport weight. I managed to get the gauge I needed (sixteen stitches and twenty-eight rows to four inches), which was good. The pattern calls for 599 metres (655 yards) of a worsted-weight yarn and three 7/8 buttons, so it's not likely to break the bank when shopping for the right materials.

The yarn was a nice one to work with, if a bit splitty at times. That might have been the needles I was working with, though.

The pattern is very straight-forward and easy to knit. I really wish they'd mentioned that the lace in the picture doesn't look anything like what you're knitting until after you wash and block. I was really concerned as I was working - the picture is a scalloped type pattern, and when you're knitting, it looks very pointy.

I didn't find any errors in the pattern (what a relief) and the collar was easy to put on. Another issue I had was that the collar doesn't lie really nice and flat until after blocking...which was cause for concern again. Given the amount of blocking this pattern needed, I wouldn't advise using an acrylic. You need the kind of give you get with wool or a wool blend.

It's a nice capelet to really nicely under a coat, and you can flip the collar up to act as a scarf in a pinch. I really like the way it stops just below the elbows...leaving your hands free, and no trailing edges that you get with a shawl. You can do the dishes in this capelet without dragging the tip in the sink. Definitely a plus...and it keeps my shoulders nice and toasty.

As I was knitting, it occurred to me that this kind of capelet would be excellent for somebody who was ill and spending a lot of time in bed or a wheelchair, or in hospital. It won't bunch up around your waist, and it would be comfortable for sitting in bed because you don't need to pull the blankets up around your chin to keep your shoulders warm. It's also easy to take on and off - no sleeves, which is nice if the person you're knitting for is feeling weak or sore - and you could easily substitute the three buttons for a single tie at the top.

A luxury blend yarn would be nice, but if you're knitting for somebody who's ill or having surgery, I'd recommend something that doesn't require a lot of careful handwashing - a good wool can be handwashed in the sink without too much fuss.

And...the final's the kind of thing that both a granny and a hipster would wear. It doesn't look too fussy, and it's not an outdated design. It can be knit up fairly quickly - mine took about two weeks, but I wasn't spending a ton of time on it. I found that I could get one lace pattern repeat (six rows, 217 stitches per row) done while watching The National or Seinfeld. I finished four pattern repeats while watching Spanglish.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Old reader, new poster

Hi all,

Thanks for the inspiration, everyone. I have been reading this since the beginning, but have never officially joined until recently. I have completed Interlocking Balloons (in the yarn and color called for) & Midwest Moonlight (Knitpicks Elegance), and have begun Ruffles (Elann Peruvian Wool). Next up: Midwest Moonlight again, this time for me. Backyard Leaves and the Turtleneck Shrug are also calling me. I will post photos this weekend, hopefully.

Viv from NH


Hi everyone :0)...I so love everyone's projects! I am in love with many scarves in Scarf Style & have yet had the chance to begin one. Well, when I finish my current WIPs I hope to begin Backyard Leaves!! A simply delicious scarf! I've been somewhat hesitant about beginning the scarf bc I've read some horror stories about this scarf here & there online...but I LOVE THIS SCARF & WILL PUSH ON...LOL! I have a question that I know someone here can answer. I was reading the directions & chart today & came upon this statement on page 79 "She added a border of slip-stitch double knit to keep the scarf edges from rolling and to provide a bit of definition to the leaves." I understand the slipping of sts, but I would like someone to please explain (as if I were, oh, 2 yrs in detail how exactly the double knit sts are done, please, pretty please :0)! The sts to which I am referring are: "p1, k1 in same st on both RS and WS*" and "k1, p1 in same st on both RS and WS*"...*=Do not twist the base of the parent st.
I thank you so very much in advance for your help, I've never done double knitting and am not exactly sure if this means that we are to do true double knitting, in which I thought u were working with 2 different strands of yarn or is this a completely different method....All in all, I'm confused and I will forever be grateful for help with this :0)! Once I have this explained I will be ready to cast on and GO FOR IT!! LOL, I was flip flopping on whether to begin this one or Ruffles 1st and I've been drawn to Backyard Leaves!
Thanks Everybody...Becka

Monday, November 14, 2005

I started Ruffles


I am using Noro Lily.


FO - Interlocking Balloons

Finished on 11/11, blocked and ready to wear. And just in time for the cold weather this week!

Here it is:

Done in Gems Merino (sportweight). I did the exact number of repeats from the pattern (9 full and then one without the 2 cables at the end). Used 2+ skeins of the yarn, which is a lot more yardage but since it was a different yarn, and I am guessing thinner, then that makes sense. It blocked out 9" wide and ? long. I do know that it is longer than the finished dimensions in the book.

It was a fun knit. I was thinking about making another in grey for my dad, but then decided I wanted to do something similar but different. Not from the book, but nice:
Steam Scarf

I ordered some yarn from to make myself a cranberry colored Backyard leaves. So I will be starting that, after doing the one for my dad.

Susan (ZenKnit)


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ruffles in Noro

Image hosted by


Midwest Moonlight-Maybe

I started this scarf last week, decided it was too wide, frogged it, and started again with one less repeat. I'm not sure I like it in this yarn (Cascade Elite Miracle, 50% alpaca, 50% tencel that I bought for 50% off!). Any thoughts?

I may frog again and try Misty Garden.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Interlocking Balloons (?)

The "Ruffles" scarf is getting too mindless for me, so I am starting "Interlocking Balloons" so that I can have something more absorbing at the same time.

I made a "prototype" beginning about an inch long, and I just wanted to confirm some things with you people who've done it before:

1)Are those decreases *really* all slanting the same direction? It looks that way to me, and I'm wondering why not make them symmetrical...?

2)And M1R *is* supposed to put a twist the stitch right? Normally I do combination style, so although I slipped the stitches into Western orientation before doing this just to be sure it came out right, I just don't want to freak out if I see something looking twisty.

Thanks in advance!


Tzarina Wrap Confusion

I am trying to finish the Tzarina Wrap in Wrap Styles but don't understand the instructions for knitting the back to the sides and finishing. Any suggestions, comments, ideas, thoughts would be very helpful, as would a photo of the piece from the back...


Tuesday, November 08, 2005


My vintage velvet is finally finished. I'd have to rank this among my favorite knitted items. I wrote more about it and put up more pictures on my blog.

Now... for the next scarf.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Shadow Dance cast-on edge details!

I took photos of the unusual cast-on edge for the brioche capelet (Shadow Dance). The pattern instructs you to do a provisional crochet cast-on (I did mine with orange waste yarn). Then, once you've knitted a bit, you simply unravel your waste yarn. I was afraid the whole thing would unravel, but, miracle of miracles!, it did not. Here's a photo tutorial :

I'm using Knit Picks' Andean Silk. I purchased 6 balls in Cream, and dyed them. This was quite an ordeal... I started using Kool-Aid, and got very bright, fluorescent colors. So I moved on to Procion dyes (thanks Marie! ), and got a nice deep red and a light brown.

I also would like to note that the instructions for the brioche stitch are much more detailed here compared to IK Spring '05. (Specifically on how to work the purl rows).


Friday, November 04, 2005

2nd Misty Garden

This has sure been a popular scarf :) This is my second and is made in Jo Sharp Rare Comfort (whish is odd as I never use the recommended yarn). The fabric is really squishy compared to other mohair yarns I've used. I like it.

And this scarf is based on "Bright Stripes" from scarf style and is done:

Jo Shark Silkroad Ultra in various colors. This yarn is one of my favorites. Really scarf appropriate as it's next to skin soft.

Have a great weekend!


Interlocking Balloons Scarf

Hi, I thought I would post my progress on my Interlocking Balloons scarf.

This is from a few days back:

After Googling around to see the results from other knitters, I decided that the consensus was to go down a needle size. So that is what I did. I am using US 5s and Gems Merino Opal in the burgundy color. Here is what I have so far:

"wrong" side

"right" side

I think it looks pretty good wrong side out. Which is good in a scarf because how many times do you see just the "right" side?

I am glad I went down a needle size too. Sportweight on US 6s would be much too loose. Perhaps the designer is a very tight knitter, or her yarn isn’t a true sportweight.

I like to use charts, and that is a good thing because there are no written directions on this one. Probably not for the whole book, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t have it sitting here with me. Anyway, I decided to make a large scan so I could see it. Then I realized that the lines were pretty long, so I needed a way to keep myself on the correct line. I can’t seem to find my magnetic board and I am too cheap to go out and buy another, especially when I can get one cheaper through KnitPicks. So I have been just putting the scan on the couch beside me and have it weighed down with a metal ruler. It is working just fine, and easier to change rows because I don’t have to drag a magnet up a row.

I realized that with all the k1, p1 etc. I was getting confused on the wrong sides, so I decided to mark up the pattern with big blue Ks for the knit stitches. I also find that marking the SSKs as "S" so they stand out from the K2tog helps too. Now I am flying along.

It is a fun knit so far. Challenging enough that I won’t go crazy making a loooooooong scarf, but not so much mental work that I won’t be able to knit in public with it.

More later!


Susan (ZenKnit)


Errata for Shadow Dance wrap

Am I really the first one to make a wrap from Wrap Style?! Perhaps we are all waiting for someone to post first... So here I go.
I started the brioche capelet (Shadow Dance), by the queen of brioche, Nancy Marchant. The pattern instructs you to use a provisional cast-on, then goes on to explain how the make the rest of the capelet, ending with a fancy cast-off technique using both colors. But we are never told what to do with that provisional cast-on! I was very confused: perhaps I was supposed to pick up those stitches and do the special bind-off? I emailed Interweave, and they replied within 24 hours! Here is what they said:

Hi Veronique,
I apologize for the omission in the pattern. This is a common method for casting on a brioche garment. In the end, you will "undo" or pull out that provisional cast-on. it will pull out nicely, leaving a clean edge on the garment. The brioche will not unravel, it is quite safe to pull out the cast-on. Then, you are done! Does this answer your question?
Thank you,
Lisa Shroyer
Assistant Editor
Interweave Knits

I was very surprised: how could a provisional cast-on NOT unravel?! But it worked. (Phew). Unfortunately, I did not like my color combo, so I frogged my work before taking a photo. I will post photos soon to lure you into the Wrap World...