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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New to knit-alongs

Hello everyone!
I just received my "Scarf Style" book and I am awaiting my order from Knitpicks. I love the challenge of many of these scarves, yet reading through them I have many questions.

I have started the ruffle scarf as many of you have done, using DB cashmerino aran...loving it.

I would like to make the "Backyard Leaves" scarf. I have never really done any lace knitting, except for some yo here and there, and I am new to chart reading. But what really is confusing is the edging she puts on it. I have no idea, and cannot find anything about the slip stitch double knit method. How do I do this and do I add the stitches into the cast on number? I don't think the edging is charted.
Thankyou for any help you can give.


  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger grumperina said…

    Hi Carolyn, you will love making the backyard leaves scarf. After the first few repeats, you'll get really good at reading the chart and your knitting to make sure you're doing the right thing. This is a very nice intro to lace knitting, in my opinion, because the design of the pattern will allow you to spot mistakes instantaneously. If you forget a yarnover, for example, you'll be one stitch short on the next round and you'll notice right away.

    Don't worry about the edges. They are graphed, so just follow the directions and knit what the chart says. The next thing you know, you'll see the edges form before your eyes. I'm not sure why the designer recommends practicing the edges, because they aren't that difficult. On the right side rows, you K1, S1 wyf, K1, then work the pattern as charted, and end the row with K1, S1 wyf, K1. On the wrong side rows, you S1 wyf, K1, S1 wyf, then work the pattern as charted, and end the row with S1 wyf, K1, S1 wyf. That's not so difficult, right? And as I mentioned, it's included in the chart, so just do what it says.

    Let us know if you're running into any difficulties.

    Kathy, aka grumperina
    my knitting webpage

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Sue said…

    Hello, here is some help;
    1. Casting on additional stitches:
    Get a good instructional book on knitting and look up 'The knitted cast on'. For example page 21 of The Big Book of Knitting by Katharina Buss. You will end up holding the needle with all the stitches in your left hand and use the right needle to add stitches to the left needle.

    2. The slip stich edging is included in the chart. Here are more specific instructions for row 7:
    1st stitch: hold yarn in front and do a purl-wise slip of the first stitch.
    2nd sitch: put the yarn in back (cuz you are getting ready to do a knit) and knit the next stitch
    3rd stitch: bring the yarn in front again and do another purl-wise slip
    4th stitch: put the yarn in back and knit the next stitch
    5th stitch: knit the next stitch

    3. Here is a chart reading tip:
    I went through all the odd rows on the chart and used a yellow highlighter and highlighted every square on the row that represented a knit stitch (i.e. the blank square on the odd rows). Then I went through every even row and also highlighted in yellow every square that represented the knit stitch (i.e. the square with a dot in it). This really helped me keep track of knitting vs. purling.
    4. Here is a rule of thumb about slip stitches. If the slip stitch is just slipped (as in the edging of the Backyard Leaves pattern) then do a purl-wise slip. If the slip stitch is done as part of a decrease (e.g. ssk ) then do a knit-wise slip.
    5. Lastly, there are other tips about this scarf contained in the archives of this blog. Read the entries AND the comments of the following entries:
    1/31/05 entry titled Finishing the First Half of Backyard Leaves
    1/27/05 Checking In with Backyard Leaves (read the comments)
    11/26/04 Another Backyard Leaves
    Good luck

  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Sue said…

    One more thing: if you are new to chart reading you may not know this tip:
    Odd rows on the chart are read from right to left
    Even rows on the chart are read from left to right


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