Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

vintage velvet almost done

hi everyone. this is my first post on here, even though i've been stalking the blog since it's creation to look at all of the beautiful scarves from scarf style. i am working on the vintage velvet scarf in muench touch me in a discontinued color (3660) that i got in a trade. i am on the last ball of yarn and unfortunately it looks like my scarf is going to be short. i used the number of recommended skeins but it's not enough and the color is nowhere to be found. so i think i'll just bind off and felt it anyways and maybe someone with a really skinny neck can wear it. i'll post a pic once it's felted but here it is right now:


sorry this pic is kind of crappy but natural light is hard to find when you work all day. i think i might try the turtleneck shrug after this with some stash yarn. i love this book!



  • At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Beautiful! I hate it when scarves come out too short. I'm sure it will be great regardless!


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