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Friday, November 25, 2005

Question about tracking on chart

I am started Forbes Forest and I am sure that other people more experienced with charts have found a solution to this problem. I am having a hard time tracking the chart for the middle frond cable after I get past the 20 rows of the R and L zigzag cable. I get to say, row 23 or 24, and I have to stop and count up the rows from the bottom of the frond cable to find myself.
I tried making an excel chart of the whole thing and pasting the rows that would be 14-20 of the frond cable into the chart in the 'blank spot', hoping that I'd come to a point where the whole pattern was a cut/paste repeat but that has not happened I just have a large and hard to read chart that I keep having to count/paste. I suppose that is better than counting while knitting (and I can always print out new sheets and I tick off/mark up the current one. Any tips for following this chart?


  • At 12:31 PM, Blogger Lori said…

    It is often a tricky problem when you have cables with long-ish repeats in the same project.

    Not counting the set-up row (which is only worked at the beginning of the scarf), the frond cable section in the center is a multiple of 12 rows, and the zigzag cables are multiples of 20 rows. Because the lowest common multiple of 12 and 20 is 60, this means you have to complete 60 rows before all the patterns will be on Row 1 at the same time again.

    When I made my scarf (see December 29, 2004, post on this blog), I used two different-colored row counters -- one for the frond and one for the zigzags -- to keep track of the two patterns separately. When the frond-colored counter got to 12 I reset it back to 0, and when the zigzag-colored counter got to 20 I did the same thing.

    Another solution is to make several copies of the book's chart, and paste them together to make a 60-row Super Chart that is three 20-row repeats of the zigzags, and five 12-row repeats of the frond high. Then you can just repeat Rows 1 - 60 of the Super Chart over and over.

    True confession time: I was the technical editor for this book, and the first chart I drew did have 60 rows as just described, but it would have taken up too much space.

    If you want to continue using the Excel method, use a chart that is 60 rows high, and repeat the rows of the zigzag patterns three times vertically, and the rows of the frond pattern five times vertically.

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger agileflower said…

    Thank you very much, Lori, for your help. After reading your suggestion I went to my excel sheet and spotted why I couldn't come up with something like you did--with X repeats of the side cable and Y repeats of the frond .... I made a pasting error, so I never got to that point.Thank you so very much for your help!


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