Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Hi everyone :0)...I so love everyone's projects! I am in love with many scarves in Scarf Style & have yet had the chance to begin one. Well, when I finish my current WIPs I hope to begin Backyard Leaves!! A simply delicious scarf! I've been somewhat hesitant about beginning the scarf bc I've read some horror stories about this scarf here & there online...but I LOVE THIS SCARF & WILL PUSH ON...LOL! I have a question that I know someone here can answer. I was reading the directions & chart today & came upon this statement on page 79 "She added a border of slip-stitch double knit to keep the scarf edges from rolling and to provide a bit of definition to the leaves." I understand the slipping of sts, but I would like someone to please explain (as if I were, oh, 2 yrs in detail how exactly the double knit sts are done, please, pretty please :0)! The sts to which I am referring are: "p1, k1 in same st on both RS and WS*" and "k1, p1 in same st on both RS and WS*"...*=Do not twist the base of the parent st.
I thank you so very much in advance for your help, I've never done double knitting and am not exactly sure if this means that we are to do true double knitting, in which I thought u were working with 2 different strands of yarn or is this a completely different method....All in all, I'm confused and I will forever be grateful for help with this :0)! Once I have this explained I will be ready to cast on and GO FOR IT!! LOL, I was flip flopping on whether to begin this one or Ruffles 1st and I've been drawn to Backyard Leaves!
Thanks Everybody...Becka


  • At 8:42 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    Becka, it's not too hard. Don't worry about what it's called... "p1, k1 in the same st" means pull up a loop as if you were doing a purl stitch, but don't take the st off the left needle, move the yarn to the back (between the needle tips)then put the needle into the same st and do a knit st, then take that "parent" st off the left needle. The "k1, p1 in the same st" is worked similarly, but you do the knit first, then purl.

    Hope this helps...

  • At 1:28 AM, Blogger whatever said…

    Thanks a bunch..I was over analyzing & thinking that it meant to k1,p1 into st on RS, then turn & do it on WS! I see now it's just an increase to be worked the same on either side...thanks so very much :0)


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