Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hi! My First Message (Lady Eleanor)

Hi. I've just joined this blog. I'm so excited to see a group working from a particular book. I think it's a very good idea. I also love the pictures--that's probably how I started this.

I'm about to start the Lady Eleanor for the fourth time. I'm an intermediate knitted (a couple sweaters, a little fair isle) and need to make this for Christmas. I'll get the first tier fine, but the second has a problem. I have a knitting class each week and my teacher can't figure out what I'm doing wrong either.

Have any of you seen any complications with the pattern?

May I post problems and hope for answers on occasion?





  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    Hi, Melody-- I'm not sure what kind of problem(s) you're having with the 2nd tier of Lady Eleanor, but see if this helps: the last thing you do on tier 1 is a right side triangle, which ends with a k2tog, done with the knit side facing you. Now, ignore the instruction to turn and transfer this st to the right needle (it's already on the right needle, and you don't need to turn the work). Instead, with the knit side facing you, start picking up stitches along the edge of the triangle you just made, working right to left. You should pick up 7, and the loop that was already on the needle will make a total of 8. Slip the last picked up stitch onto the left needle, ssk, turn. P8, turn. Sl 1, k6, ssk, turn...etc.
    Hope this helps -- I'm 41 tiers into mine, with Noro Silk Garden, and trying to figure out how much longer to make it.

  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Kim said…

    Melody -- I just finished my Lady Eleanor in Noro Silk Garden #82. I love it. This is the pattern that made me start knitting again. My only suggestion to you would be to make sure that at the beginning on each 8 stitch row, make sure you are slipping the first stitch. This leaves a very nice edge to pick up the stitches for each block. Good luck. It's really worth it.


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