Scarf Style/Wrap Style Knit-Along

The inspirations for this knit-along are the Scarf Style and Wrap Style books (from Interweave Press); should you wish to share your creations from the book, this is a wonderful place to do it. Also welcome are helpful tips, corrections, ideas for variations, and suggestions for materials. This knit-along will last indefinitely, so join any time!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Another Backyard Leaves

I chose Backyard Leaves also because I'm a big Annie Modesitt fan. Her designs and technique are always thoughtful and creative -- but challenging! I agree with the suggestion that the edging technique should be practiced before starting. What I did was knit a 15 stitch swatch with 5 right edge stitches (pm)/5 stockinette stitches (pm)/5 left edge stitches, and knit this until I became comfortable with the technique.

You can see that I use LOTS of mnemonics when I knit lace! I copied the graph, then highlighted the right side rows (note that the setup row is a "wrong" side row), went over the center line with red, and marked off every five stitches to either side of the center. This really helps me to count as I'm working across a row and has saved me a lot of heartache. I also use a sticky note that I move up every two rows as I am knitting and a stitch counter that I set whenever I get up or put my knitting away (sticky notes slip off and who wants to waste time trying to figure out where she left off?). Finally, I place a stitch marker where indicated by the line on the chart and one just before the edge stitches at either end. Psychologically, it's a boost to me to see those edges coming up!

I decided to do this in Highland Wool #1440 (Sherwood Forest). It's ridiculously affordable (4 balls < $10!) and I wanted to try it out to see if I would like it for my next project, the Ribby Cardi. I love it. It's very soft and springy and Elann is absolutely the best for customer service.

I have three more repeats before I make the points. It wouldn't suffer with fewer repeats, though. It's plenty long now (there will be, as noted by Felicia, two sections sewn together), but I have enough yarn so I'll stick to the pattern. One thing to note: this is not a fast knit. I have been timing myself and my best section (early in the a.m. with no distraction but the BBC World News) took an hour.



  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger MeMoiJa said…

    It's a small world. I'm making Backyard Leaves in the same yarn. ;-)

  • At 4:20 PM, Blogger The Frog said…

    Beautiful job!!!

    And inspiring. I want to make one next.


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